Building Maintenance Services

To Maintain the peak efficiency for any facility, a high quality and on-going repair and maintenance program is vital. Each facility is different; designed for different uses and managed in different ways. It is therefore essential to have a service provider who can focus on these repair and maintenance activities to help your business run smoothly and seamlessly.Our highly-trained repair and maintenance teams offer the perfect solutions to minimize downtime. 

Our Services Includes

  • Providing Regular Electricians.
  • Undertaking small and Large Electrical Projects like complete Switch Box, Total Wiring solutions.
  • Providing Regular Plumbers.
  • Providing Professional Sewage Treatment Plant Technicians.
  • Providing Professional Water Treatment Plant Technicians.
  • Providing On call Carpentry and Masonry.
  • AMC for Lift, STP, WTP, Over Head Tanks, Sumps and Many More..