Garden Maintenance Services

FTS maintains hardscaped and landscaped gardens with efficient skilled gardeners who has a passion and love in farming and gardening. Each and every community expects an Environmental Development with Dense gardening with enough fresh air.

Our Services Includes

    • Industrial Green Belt Development for Pollution-free Atmosphere.
    • Residential Laughing Garden Development.
    • Theme park development for stress free surroundings.
    • Gardening with Jungle format, Pathway work, Stone Work, Hardscaping Format.
    • Hardscaping with fountain Works, Water Works, Stone Work, Bench Work, Green House Development (Organic Vegetables), Shade House Development (Organic Vegetables), Garden Maintenance like, Watering Plants, Medicine Spray, Trimming, Cutting, Menuring, Weeding, Applying Fertilizers, Green House / Shade house maintenance and Many More..